24 Weeks

Things, they are a changin'! At 24 weeks I've begun to feel the transitions from feeling fabulous to feeling heavy and uncomfortable.  Parker seems to be growing at rapid pace and already using my ribs as a jumping off point to stretch! This might be a long remaining 3 months, but I'll take it =)

Baby Parker at 20 Weeks

Here's the little man himself!  At 20 weeks he was weighing in a whole week ahead and measuring 2 days ahead in length and size! He's quite the cutie and looking a lot like Alijah did in his ultrasounds!

20 Weeks

I hit the 20 week mark in February and have been feeling AMAZING! Energetic and not too big yet! I have a feeling it's all about to change ;) Baby Parker is moving and grooving all around!!

Private Blog

Hi family and friends.  For those who are wondering, I have decided to make this blog private instead of having it open to the public.  With all of the personal pictures and information of my family, I feel it's in all of our best interest to keep it private.  If I've missed anyone and they have requested that an invitation be sent in order to view the blog, please email me or leave a comment here and I will send them an invite.  Once you have logged in, you shouldn't be asked to do so again unless you have signed out or are viewing from another computer.  Let me know if you have any questions about the process.
Love you all!

16 Weeks!

On December 30th I hit 16 weeks! The bump is growing and the flutters have begun!

It's a.....BOY?!

We got an early 2D/3D ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby and the ultrasound tech was POSITIVE that it's a little boy! We were thrilled to hear the news but will definitely be asking for confirmation at our 18-20 week diagnostic ultrasound.  Alijah sat by my side the whole time telling me that he loved me so so much and that I was really cute!! It was precious and almost brought me to tears the way he was so attentive to me because he wasn't quite sure what was going on.  Alijah has been telling us all along that it's a boy and wasn't surprised at all to find out that he was right!  Here are some sweet pictures of our little man!

Hello Santa Clause

We took Alijah to see Santa and while many kids his age don't quite know what to make of the jolly, bearded man, Alijah couldn't wait to get his hands on him.  He sat on his lap and told him everything he wanted for Christmas.  He chatted Santa up for a while and then hugged him and wished him a Merry Christmas! I just love being Alijah's Mommy! Best thing in the whole world!

12 Weeks!

I hit 12 weeks on December 2nd and Alijah helped me document the special moment! I'm starting to feel better and just hoping it continues!

SPECIAL Announcement!

We are THRILLED to announce, Sam, Alijah and I are expecting our 2nd baby!!!!  Here is an ultrasound picture from our 10 week appointment!  Baby Chrun #2 is due to arrive 
June 15, 2012

So Cal 2011

Great day at Sea World!

Building sandcastles with Cam'ron

La Jolla Beach

Alijah was so proud of this masterpiece!

Hanging out in Calabasas

Mission Beach

My love bug fresh out of the ocean!

I don't have chocolate on my face!!

The face of a boy who swallowed a bunch of salt water =(

Open container (juice box) on the beach lol!

Special boys loving their quality time!

Lisa with her favorite nephew at Sea World!

Turtle power!

Alijah sporting Mommy's hat!

Sacked out! Busy days we had!

The cutest picture ever! <3

Alijah watching his favorite boy play baseball!

Beach time & family time!

On the Gondola at Sea World!

My sweet boys!

Sweetest love of my life!

These two are trouble lol!!

Summer 2011

This summer was a HOT one but a GREAT one!! It definitely flew by, but I wanted to share some pictures before Fall begins!

This little boy started swim lessons!!

 And so did Daddy!  Together Alijah and Daddy began learning how to swim!

 Alijah spent A LOT of time with his favorite little girl Jocelyn!

 Alijah became a fish over summer! 

 Mommy and Alijah getting ready to take a ride on the carousel! 

 Alijah relaxing on Grandma and Grandpa's patio in his own little chair!

 Best Buds!

 They are so precious!

 Father's Day at the Folsom Zoo!

 Hot summers spent in the back yard in the kiddie pool!

 Luckily Grandma and Grandpa have a great pool to cool off in!

 Alijah and Kathy on the carousel!

 Mommy and Alijah on the 4th of July!

 No it's not our puppy! I'm sure Alijah wanted to take him home though!!

 Picking cucumbers in Grandma's garden!

DONUT face!!

 Back yard squirt gun fights!!

 Alijah and his baby cousin Mason!

Riding the train at the Sate Fair!