So Cal 2011

Great day at Sea World!

Building sandcastles with Cam'ron

La Jolla Beach

Alijah was so proud of this masterpiece!

Hanging out in Calabasas

Mission Beach

My love bug fresh out of the ocean!

I don't have chocolate on my face!!

The face of a boy who swallowed a bunch of salt water =(

Open container (juice box) on the beach lol!

Special boys loving their quality time!

Lisa with her favorite nephew at Sea World!

Turtle power!

Alijah sporting Mommy's hat!

Sacked out! Busy days we had!

The cutest picture ever! <3

Alijah watching his favorite boy play baseball!

Beach time & family time!

On the Gondola at Sea World!

My sweet boys!

Sweetest love of my life!

These two are trouble lol!!

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